I am rereading Homestuck. It’s all making a bit more sense now that I am not just focusing on getting caught up.

And I got to this: This is Jake and Jane, right? We all agree on that?

Then, that means that Jake and Jane didn’t grow up alone. They grew up together, with the Batterwitch. And Jake ran away.

I am probably late to this information, but my headcannon was always that Jake grew up alone. Until I see this.

But then the next question is: If what is above IS true, then why does Jane have a crush on Jake? If they grew up together as brother and sister, and has complete knowledge of this, she wouldn’t be feeling like THAT towards Jake. But she is. So, is this really Jake and Jane or is it Nana and Grandpa (and I do define these two separate entities because their lives have played out differently, thus making them different people)?

What is your take on it?